Imagine, there is one way to express yourself.
But just words can’t help you to make it clear.

Everybody is talking without saying anything.
They are all glad of being attentiveless invisible.

And easy words won’t change the fact that talking too much
is not the way to get some love you think you do not need.

Defend your own appreciation of the extraordinary sound!
The Juneau sound!
One moment of bliss in a world full of disease and the hit that makes you move!

This is what it’s all about.
This is beautiful silence.
This is noise in your head.
And this is now.

0. Prolog
1. Archer and the Nebula Thief
2. Triumphants vs. the Whisper Vibe
3. Metasteria, Noises of the Night Part I
4. Shear Czar Zeta [Memory Meter]
5. Indefinite Hiatus
6. Coma Revolver
7. Metasteria, Noises of the Night Part II
8. The Cartridge Communiqué
9. This Is Art, This Is Murder
10. Architecture in Dreams
11. Elements.Leaving

‘The Extraordinary Sound’
music conceived and performed by Juneau:
Sascha Otto
Dirk Lödden
Tobias Wensing
Nikolas Klemme
recorded and mixed by Nikolas
logo by Tobias, artwork by Nikolas
this is a RAUM VON ZEIT UND GEIST production